Transmission Clark 5421-159

Clark 5421-159
  • Clark 5421-159
  • Michigan L270 transmission
  • Clark transmission specifications

Recently we have dismantled wheel loader Michigan L270 for spare parts.
Almost all spare parts are available, including transmission Clark 5421-159 which is in excellent condition.

Michigan L270 specifications:

  • Engine Cummins KT-19-C 269 kW (360 hp)
  • Tipping load (straight/full turn), kg 25710/22685
  • Bucket volume 5,35m3
  • Tires 35/65
  • Operating weight 41,31 T
  • Production year 1991

If you need any spare parts for this machine please check the full list of Michigan L270 spare parts.
Or contact us directly if you can't find the part you need.
We can provide you also buckets or other attachments for all types of wheel loaders.

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