Volvo L350F used spare parts

Volvo L350F used spare parts
  • Volvo L350F used spare parts
  • Volvo L350F spare parts
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We get wheel loader Volvo L350F which was damaged in fire, but most of vital parts are undamaged.
Before the accident machine was in excellent condition so a lot of spare parts can be re-used.
List of undamaged major components can be found at list below, but if you need any other spare part for this machine please contact us and we'll send you an offer.
As a official Volvo dealer we can provide you also other spare parts (used or new) for different types of construction machinery.

Here is the list of new spare parts for Volvo L350F

Part nospare part
11145757Front axle
11145758Rear axle
8188187Engine 397kW
15019464Control valve
11432733Loading unit
11431405Front frame      
11431410Rear frame
15119542Hydraulic pump 1
11411471Hydraulic pump 2
11411472Hydraulic pump 3
11107931Tilt cylinder R
11107883Lifting cylinder R
11107883Lifting cylinder L
11107746Steering cylinder R
11107746Steering cylinder L
15098917Central valve
33027Starting/door key
15045689Foot brake valve
11380400Instr. ECU MID 140
20814604Engine ECU MID 128
11380052Transmission ECU MID 130
11380380El pilot con ECU MID 249
11443350EHPS ECU
11443400ECU ECC
33027Caretack ECU

Our company is specialized in production of wheel loaders special attachments like high dump buckets, opening buckets, grabs for wood or other materials, fork lifts, big bag forks, blades and many other have duty attachments. If you need any type of attachments for construction machinery please contact us and together we'll find right solution for your needs.

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