Wheel Loader Volvo BM4600 dismantled for parts

Torque converter Volvo BM4600
  • Torque converter Volvo BM4600
  • Tilt and steering cylinder for Volvo BM4600
  • Rear axl  for Volvo BM4600
  • Front axle for Volvo BM4600
  • Volvo BM4600 cab
  • Gearbox for Volvo BM4600

Recently dismantled for spare parts: Wheel Loader Volvo BM4600. Most of the parts still available on good prices. 

Some of the parts for Volvo BM4600 (also other parts available): 

  • Torque converter, 1500 EUR
  • Complete rear axle with tyres,  2500 EUR
  • Complete front axle with tyres, 2500 EUR 
  • Steering cylinder, 290 EUR
  • Tilt cylinder, 700 EUR
  • Gearbox for Volvo BM4600, 3800 EUR
  • Cab for Volvo BM4600, 900 EUR

If you need any other part for Volvo BM4600, please contact us: Mr. Tadej, tel. +386 5 365 99 00




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